MEEDEN Wood Carving Tools Knife Kit #1 Straight Skew Gouge V-Parting Chisel, Pack of 4

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  • Variety of Blades--Wood Carving Tools Knife Kit comes with 4 different shape sizes, including #1 straight chisel blade - width 1.5mm (0.06 inch), #1 skew chisel blade - skew edge length 2mm (0.08 inch), #1 gouge blade - between pts length 1.5mm (0.06 inch) and #1 V-parting chisel blade - one edge legnth 1.5mm (0.06 inch)
  • Premium Quality--Well Made from High Quality Carbon Steel, perfect general wood carving projects. Safe and stays sharp enough. It will always be the perfect tool for wood carving, whether you are a beginner or a professional
  • Wooden Handles--These wood sculpting knives have ergonomically design beech wood handles, so they are incredibly comfortable. They’re also quite lightweight, so they’re easy to control and they won’t make your arm and fingers tired
  • Every single tool has a stable plastic protective cover to prevent unnecessary scratch and injury. Perfect for soft woods like maple, pine, basswood, poplar wood and pumpkin
  • 100% Money back guarantee & Prime shipping--If Wood Carving Set doesn't meet your expectations in any way, simply call Amazon and ask for a refund. Get FREE Shipping with this is a Amazon Prime eligible product

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