Mairtini Round Watercolor Pad

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  • DOUBLE-SIZED - All blocks are double-sized. This allows watercolorist more time to work on color before being absorbed by the paper.
  • NEW PERSPECTIVE - Working within a circular format enhances a watercolorist's perspective, inviting new ways to compose an artwork.
  • DURABLE, ACID FREE PAPER - Made from acid free cotton with no optical brighteners, Mairtini Drawing paper provides a unique and durable surface perfect for finished art in graphite pencil, charcoal, pastel, pen and ink and more.
  • TEXTURE - Cold-pressed watercolor papers have a slightly textured surface, which is between that of rough and hot-pressed papers, allowing for a variety of watercolor techniques, and watercolor papers made from cotton would hold more color and with perfect water absorption.
  • 20 sheets per pack and all these papers are glued bound for easier tearing off, and a hardboard underneath for better protection and control.

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