MAIRTINI 4 Pcs Professional Watercolor Brushes

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  • The round watercolor brushes craft from pure squirrel hair, super soft, and remembers its shape every time you use it. Moving the brush back and forth gives a very soft and velvety feel
  • The wood handle is attached to the nickel-plated brass ferrule via exclusive crimping process, keep the bristles from falling out and keeps its shape well
  • It holds a tremendous amount of water or paint, it spreads the ink nicely and blends well. Making it ideal for mop and wash techniques, for priming, and for area work, also you can use this brush to fill in large spaces or produce relatively fine lines and everything in between
  • Cleaning and reshaping the brush is so easy with lightly wiping it across a paper towel sucks the water right out and looks brand new again. These brushes are amazing for watercolor, gouache painting
  • If you are looking for a good mop brush for watercolor. Our squirrel round brush set 2 6 10 12 holds enough water and is a nice size for painting, and delivers beautifully sweeping strokes with incredible precision

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