Porcelain Paint Palette with Cover, 12-Well Peminum Ceramic Mixing Tray

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尺寸: 1 Pack
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  • Exquisite Workmanship - Made of premium white Eco-friendly ceramic material. Moderate weighted, pure white durable palette, does not damage your paintbrushes, prompts the paintbrush more absorbing paint.
  • Easy Take Cute Design - Lid fits tightly to the plate, User-friendly 2 layout design, with 12 wells for putting pigments and the cover for mixing colors, Keep an organized and tiny desk, create excellent artwork!
  • Studio Quality - All premium ceramic material was polished well from corners to the flat surface, providing a smooth surface. The base is slightly frosted for more stability when mixing or dipping.
  • Easy To Clean - This durable ceramic palette was created for years of reuse, no bead or drops, stain-resistant, after painting & mixing, just wash with water or erase with a paper towel, the gospel of lazy patients.
  • Popular Gift - Perfect for artists, professional painters, art students, and teachers. Great gifts for kids and friends for beading, organizing, sorting, craft projects, kid's painting projects, and parties.

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