22-Well Ceramic Artist Paint Palette, Porcelain Watercolor Palette, 7.6'' × 5.5''

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  • Premium Porcelain Material - Pure white ceramic texture, provides a smooth surface, the paints will spread and mix smoothly in the palette, with no drops and bead, easily cleaned off! Stain-resistant, sturdy, durable, and reusable.
  • Rectangular Artist Palette Size - The overall size is 7.6'' x 5.5'' x 0.5'', extremely thick and strong porcelain providing a weighted base to prevent movement. The inner circular hole is 0.8''. The mixing part is divided into 8 parts for different colors mixing.
  • 2 Layout Ceramic Palette - 14 round paint wells to putting your paints into, mixing colors by 8 compartment wells, keep your color ranges neatly separated. The convenient design meets your different requirements of mixing and putting paints, makes colors come alive!
  • Versatile Usage - Great suitable for watercolor, gouache, acrylic, tempera painting. Ideal art supplies for art classes, beading, organizing, sorting, small paint projects, craft projects, kid's painting projects, and parties.
  • Perfect Art Gift & Guarantee - High-quality ceramic palette, Great gift for artists, professional painters, paint amateurs, craft enthusiasts, art students, and teachers, kids, and friends! Guarantee - Free returns and exchanges for any manufacturer issues!

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