72-Piece Acrylic Painting Set with Beech Wood Table Easel

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  • Perfect For Beginners And Hobbyists - This complete artists kit is great for beginning artists or students working in a small studio. You can purchase for home use or for a new class that you are taking. They are also great for professionals who want a small set to take with them on their travels.
  • Great Gift - Everyone with a painting hobby wants to be received a set of painting kits. In fact, it’s the perfect art gift for budding young artists, older men, and women who are starting to take their first art classes or even experienced hobbyists.
  • Wonderful For Projects - Our set of 48 rich and vibrant colors with brushes and palette enables maximum creativity. We picked colors that open a plethora of possibilities for beginners without the need for mixing. So you can start painting and creating as soon as you remove the wrapper. You will fall in love with using the painting set to create different effects on your canvas or in your painting pad.
  • Super Cost-effective - Meeden Artist Acrylic Painting kit is an all in one kit, it has everything you need to save your time and money having to go find and buy each individual product. From the wood table easel to a pallet, stretched canvas and canvas panels for you to fill up with incredible artwork.
  • Warm Tips - The 3-piece 9×12inches canvas panels on the back of the stretched canvas you received. These two products are plastic sealed together. Meeden takes pride in providing their customers with high quality, art and craft kits. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with this artists painting set, please return the paint set for a full refund.

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